ABOUT ME – Vuyo06


I grew up in a very small town in South Africa called Flagstaff.  Honestly it wasn't a town it was village.  We had no electricity or taps for water.  We had to pick up water from a river and we used a gas stove to cook our meals. I was able to do my primary school in the city because my mom is a teacher and she believes formal education is key of course and she wanted the best for us. I completed high school and went on to University. I went to Tshwane University of Technology where I acquired my 3 year diploma in radiography.  

While in University I stumbled across a Network Marketing business.  I was very taken by the travel opportunity presented so it wasn't even about money.  As a college student, I had no money to join but I still kept it in mind.  A year later after I graduated, I started working as a radiographer but I quickly learned that the salary was not enough and the hours we work are quite ridiculous. I found myself working nights, holidays and weekends on a regular basis. This only confirmed my desire to work from home even more.  Another major goal I have is to change the future of the generations to come for my family and community.  By teaching Network Marketing as a way to grow an income from home, my community can grow and prosper. 

Because I no longer desired to work so many hours, I was determined to give my Network Marketing business my full focus during any free time I had! I attended every single event and every other travel party that I could.  I invited people in the process to come have a look at this opportunity but it got more tiring for me and duplicatable. I wanted freedom, but this was not it!  I didn't want to talk to 500 people and not get results! I didn't want to sit down on a phone call every other Tuesday and call more people setting up appointments. This method really was not working for me! 

I was doing everything that my upline told me to do but I was barely had any customers or reps joining my business.  I got very discouraged so I started looking for a better way to grow a business online.  I really believed in Network Marketing and I knew so many were making great incomes online and I wanted that for myself as well.  

I started doing my research and one day I stumbled across an Ad on Instagram about Attraction Marketing.  After reading all about it, I quickly signed up for the Free Bootcamp! I learned how I could grow my business online rejection free.  I bought the full Attraction Marketing course and my life has changed ever since! Yes! I still have my job but i am definitely working on resigning from it soon.

Now I know it is possible to run a profitable business online, help others do the same and feel good about the products and services I provide! No more chasing people down! 

So if you are like me and you want to learn all the necessary skills in this industry which have now enabled me to help other Network Marketers build their business online rejection free, build brands for themselves, and most importantly attract people to you instead of chasing friends and family...I can help you! Connect with me today and let's get you started! 

I look forward to hearing from you guys! Don't wait too long to make that life changing decision because  ......LIFE IS A FLEETING VAPOR IT IS TOO PRECIOUS TO BE WASTED JUST WAITING.